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1. query identification for abnormal people.
Psychology thinks that human behavior is constrained by one sidedly mental mechanism. All kinds of illegal elements who flee in the society, because of the influence of their illegal actions and illegal effects, often form tremendous pressure on their minds. Their mental activities are often in a situation of fierce struggle and severe uneasiness fearing to be caught and shocked. The mentality of being guilty of thieves and panicking can hardly be self-restrained. System.
This intense mental activity is bound to be reflected in the behavior, manner and expression in the process of escaping from crime, which is quite different from the normal expression of the past pedestrians.
Generally, they do not have the natural, relaxed and happy expression of normal people, such as traveling, traveling and working out.
The illegal suspects fleeing or just fleeing the scene mostly show indifferent behavior and grim expression; flickering eyes, looking forward and backward, stealthy behavior, avoiding eyes; special vigilance to the surrounding environment and personnel.
Extremely lively and suspicious, peer to peer mostly reflected in the face-to-face, using eyes, gestures, secret language to convey information. Security personnel should use their inquiry abilities in their business activities to identify and identify the escaping illegal elements on the basis of some specific external characteristics.
2. identification of tired and tired people
Some of the suspects commit crimes late at night, flee early in the morning, and some even drive motorcycles and cars to make long-distance raids and assault. Because they spent too much energy in the process of implementing the law, or were resisted by others, struggled with them or were surrounded and intercepted, and were eager to escape from the scene, long-distance travel, both severe energy, and sleep at the end of the night. When dawn runs away, it is already very red, tired and weary.
According to the rules of human physiological and mental activities, in emergency situations, if the pituitary gland secretes adrenocortical hormones due to the external influence of illegal acts, a short period of physical excellence will occur.
However, once a person's grim mood relaxes, if the illegal process is completed, he will feel weak limbs, tired and impatient, and enter the station and wharf. Some of them, although dressed in fashion, often lie on the ground, hide in the corner and sleep a ton. Security personnel only need to inquire carefully, and can see at a glance that it is different from the normal travel, travel, provincial relatives, visitors.
Illegal or illegal suspects or things often have their own characteristics. In daily business, in order to maintain the security of care policy, it is necessary for security personnel to carefully inquire in order to find out the suspects or things in violation of the law, to pinch the characteristics of their rules and regulations, and to serve the better maintenance of social security.