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  Safety operation rules and regulations of Weifang Security Company: Security post job requests management of regional security guards to act as guards on duty, maintain the order of inspection, and fill in the inspection record form in time.
  To stop the inspection of fire prevention, burglary prevention, traffic accident prevention and accident safety preparedness in the management area.
  Maintain the order of public order in the administrative area and deal with all kinds of unexpected incidents of emergencies.
  Familiar with the situation in the management area, strictly implement the system of vehicle cancellation for foreign personnel and the system of cargo entry and exit, fill in and inspect Visitor Revocation Form, Vehicle Entry and Exit Revocation Form and Exit Bar.
  Prevent purchasers, scrap collectors and other idle personnel from entering the management area.
  Make good use of cleaning work items in the gates and security areas under their jurisdiction and fill in the "Redemption Form for Goods Acquisition".
  Security personnel must arrive at their posts 15 minutes earlier to complete the handover work. Both parties should sign the "Record Form of the Conditions of Duty" and check the duty record book every day and make relevant requests.
  Do a good job of handing over police equipment such as walkie-talkies, walkie-talkies should adhere to the boot state and use it in regular channels.
  Successors who are not on duty for some reason should be on duty until the successor arrives and completes the formalities before leaving work.
  The security guards at the gates and guards in the management area shall be on duty outside according to the rules except for the national statutory holidays.
  In case of other emergencies that need to be dealt with, the security guards should promptly resume the distribution of newspapers, newspapers and mails and other matters that need to be dealt with for a long time after the completion of the post should be handled by the non-post security guards.
  When vehicles enter the management area, the security personnel should take the initiative to indicate that the vehicles are slowing down and instruct them to drive and park in the regular direction.
  Security personnel should be loyal to their duties and willing to help others to provide high-quality service to customers.
  Stop patrolling the jurisdiction area regularly and record the patrolling status in the Record Table of Service Status on time.
  When patrolling, we should see, listen, hear and inspect more according to the road patrol in place, carefully check the key areas, pay attention to the closure of doors and windows, the condition of water, electricity and fire sources, and the intact condition of fire fighting equipment.
  Pay attention to fire prevention, theft prevention, leakage prevention, typhoon lightning protection, and immediately deal with the problems found, and report to the relevant departments in time.
  Security personnel should clean up the drifting debris in time when they are inspecting or notify the cleaners to come to clean up and insist on the cleanliness of the management area.
  To act as traffic and vehicle management in the management area to guide vehicle parking and planning in an orderly manner to prevent vehicle cleaning anywhere in the management area and to persuade vehicles to clean at designated locations.
  Inspection time: Inspection once every two hours, each distance error must not exceed 10 minutes and record well.
  Inspectors should respond quickly to the call from the monitoring center or the alarm signal from the perimeter. If there is any abnormal situation, they should immediately rush to the scene to dispose of it and carry out the emergency response monitoring center according to the "emergency plan".
  The basic situation of security personnel in the area under control after qualified training includes the number of personnel at the building level during commuting hours, the number of persons in the main units of commonly used motor vehicle license plates and so on.
  Foreign personnel vehicles entering the management area shall be cancelled and released by security personnel after telephone confirmation on the basis of relevant documents or clear names of customer units or personnel, and the Visitor Revocation Form and Vehicle Revocation Form shall be completed.
  When cancelling, we should carefully check the license plate of the relevant documents and other vehicles. If discrepancies are found, it is necessary to prevent idle and miscellaneous personnel from entering the management area.
  Taxis are not allowed to enter the management area and non-freight vehicles are strictly prohibited from entering the consumption site.
  Freight vehicle departure area should submit exit certificate, security stop checking vehicle license plate photographs and release them to the Records Summary and Archiving Administration at the end of each month.
  Superior guidance to manage regional security personnel should immediately greet salute and seriously respond to the supervisor's guidance of the interrogation to quickly complete the assignment.
  Security personnel should be impatient to explain how to dispel their dissatisfaction and not export to harm others'interests if they do not cooperate with the cancellation and show their certificates on their own initiative and rudely when entering the management area.
  The opening and closing time of the management area is determined according to the practice.
  Security personnel strictly enforce the opening and closing time of the management area in accordance with the rules.
  The removal of foreign customers or the entry and exit of large quantities of goods must be in contact with the relevant departments until the formalities are complete before they can be released (depending on the request of the Management Office in detail).
  The security guards are responsible for the control and management of incoming and outgoing vehicles.
  Vehicles in and out of the management area should be slowed down and speed should be limited to less than 10 km/h. In case of encounter, vehicles should be proactive courtesy, not to crush the green and other equipment, bicycles should get out and carry out.
  Vehicles entering the management area shall be parked in an orderly manner without obstruction of the passage.
  Bicycles should be parked at designated parking places and locked. No bicycles should be parked in aisles or building corridors at will.
  Passenger cars should be parked properly at designated locations when passengers get on and off the train, without affecting the safety of other vehicles and pedestrians.
  Vehicle license plate number of Vehicle Entry and Exit Write-off Form and unit (special vehicle provided by customers) which allow vehicles to enter the management area should be parked properly at the loading and unloading place of the goods, without affecting other vehicles'passage and pedestrians' safety, and the goods should be separated or parked at the designated parking place in time after loading and unloading.
  Vehicles entering the management area shall not be discarded at will.