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On the basis of security consultation, campus safety needs regular security investigation and risk assessment, and on this basis, the scientific security strategy, security system and crisis emergency disposal plan are planned and formulated. It is necessary to regularly carry out safety education and training to teachers and students, to train security personnel and to impart safety precautions. To improve their legal awareness, awareness and self-protection ability. With the security of China's security system and the gradual opening of the market, professional security companies can provide security solutions and high-end consulting services that match the concept of campus security.
Two is the civil defense, local primary and secondary school kindergartens have set up a sound internal security organization, some local public security organs also set up a campus security team, a large number of additional full-time security guards, especially young security, gatekeeper control and patrol guardians. Whether it is self employed security guards or security guards hired by security service companies, it will stimulate the demand for human security market.
Three is the technical defense, due to the constraints of economic conditions and other social factors, it is unrealistic to invest a large number of public security and security personnel on campus, and the tactics of "the human sea" are limited. The establishment of a perfect campus safety technology prevention system and the creation of a safe campus with safety and technology will be twice the best. . At present, the primary and middle school kindergartens in the more developed cities have applied various security systems, including video surveillance, burglar alarm, entrance guard system, patrol system, emergency help, intelligent fire control system, broadcasting, intercom system, radio frequency card and so on. In some places, the campus emergency alarm and video surveillance system has also been networked with the local public security command center. If there are no alarm devices installed in some new cities, the Education Committee and other relevant departments will not grant approval. Recently, the public security organs are strengthening guidance for primary and secondary schools to install monitoring and alarming devices in key parts such as gates, walls and dormitories. Campus security products and ancillary services will become a new growth point for the security service industry in the future.
Four, in the aspect of material prevention, kindergartens in primary and middle schools should be equipped with safety protection equipment and facilities, and use physical methods to prevent unlawful infringement and safety accidents. Many places are equipped with police forks, anti cutting gloves, anti prickly vest, pepper spray, rubber stick, helmet, fire equipment, and security equipment for the primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. The safety and protection products will have a "place to use".
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